Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 7.

I was angry and at the same time I wanted to get out. I'm sick, of this place and the cops and everyone. I just wanna go home. I don't wanna think about Nathan anymore, although he's my best friend and everything, but still I need to escape. I curled my body to a position where I could actually see the inside of my cell. I'm at the entrance of the cell, can't move much, and I'm getting hungry and angry. I saw nothing, except for a few puddles of water, I can't see clearly whether the liquid is actually water or some dirty icky-uh nevermind. All of a sudden, something was glimmering in the dark. I was scared at first but I embraced myself to move forward till I reach the unspecified shiny object. As I move closer to that object, I realised that the object is a small piece of metal, not too small, it's the size of a finger.

 I tried to take the piece of metal by turning around and using one of my tied hands. I was struggling to get it because my hands were tied too tight. Finally I managed to grab the metal piece. I was adjusting it so that I could cut the strings off and at the same time I was hoping that I don't cut my wrist. I was using my fingers strategically so that I could move the metal piece up and down. After about 10 minutes of trying, I gave up because the metal piece was blunt and the strings were still in good condition. I gave up, maybe it's my faith that I need to be in jail and shit. I was thinking about what's next and everything. But I couldn't think straight anymore, I was thinking about Nathan and Cassandra and Mum and Dad. Mum and Dad? Wait they don't know that I'm in jail right? Oh God. I'm so dead.

I was thinking of excuses, but I'm in jail and excuses are like giving cotton candy to adults. Adults don't like cotton candy, I don't like cotton candy, who likes cotton candy? - nevermind. I had a feeling, it's a mixture of nervousness , happiness, and all the other "ness-es". I'm all screwed up now. But I kept on saying to myself that everything will be okay. But it's not gonna be okay. 

"Trevor, Trevor, where are you? Trevor!" 

A voice called my name. I know that voice very well, its Mum's voice! I started to feel happy all of a sudden although I know that I'm inside the cell.

"Mum! I'm here! Mum! Mum!' I started to call her while excitingly moving towards the entrance of the cell.

I heard footsteps coming towards my cell.

"Trevor, are you okay honey? Hey police! Get my son out of that!" Mum screamed to the police officer that was sitting there, he panicked and walked towards my cell.

"Excuse me, but you're not allowed to see him or get him out of there." He told Mum.

"Hey!" Mum's voice was even louder this time. "He is my son and I don't care who you are, where you're from or what you do as long as my son is out of that filthy dungeon!"

The police officer's face was priceless. I was happy and proud of Mum because it's like the first time that she's on my side. He took out the keys and opened my cell. I forced myself to stood up and I was walking out of the cell. Mum hugged me so hard that I couldn't even breathe.

"Mum!" She was still hugging me.

"Mum!! I need air" She untangled our hug and I started breathing again.

Mum went behind me and cut the strings of my wrists. I was able to move my hands again, I'm free.

"Come on honey, let's go home!" Mum nabbed my left hand and was gonna drag me out.

"Wait, hold on woman, you can take him home, he's the main suspect." The police officer alerted Mum. I was speechless but the police officer has a point but what was I thinking I should be happy because I'm finally gonna be free from prison.

"Look here, Mr-"

"Damaro." The police officer continued.

"Mr Debra, I don't care if you are a police officer or whatever, but my son is a good person and you are not a good person, you wanna know why, because you just went to my son's school with all your all perfecto-marshmallow FBI squad and dragged my son out of Biology and humiliated him in front of the whole school and brought him to church to see his best friend's dead body and brought him all the way here and accused him for killing Nathan and threw him into a dirty prison all tied-up and now you are telling me that I'm wrong, well excuse me, Mr. Debra, I don't know what makes you so stupid but I know it really works."

I was speechless, so was Mr.Damaro. I giggled a little because Mum called him Debra instead of Damaro and that was epic. Mum dragged me out to the parking lot where she had parked her car. As we were close to our car, I heard someone calling me. I turned around and Mr.Damaro was running towards us while clutching my backpack.

"You forgot your backpack son, here you go!" He was gasping for oxygen. For a fat person, to run, with a backpack, that's not good. 

"Thanks Mr.Damaro" I thanked him.

"Yeah, whatever, get in the car Trev" Mum was sarcastic but in a funny way.

I got into the car and Mum started the car and the engine warmed up. The car started moving and I watched Mr.Damaro as he walked into the police. I'm out of jail and I'm out of the police station. I kept quiet in the car. I looked at Mum, she was all focusing the road. I'm glad that she bailed me out. Wait, I remembered something.

"Remember, this is a game."    "Now I want the girl to be arrested too."

I don't think I'm safe although I'm feeling safe.

Maybe, it's just about to begin.