Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 8.

I bit my lips feeling all relieved and it's like a big crap-load of 30 tonnes just dropped of my bare shoulders. I was using all my weird techniques to look at Mum's face. I don't want her to realize that I'm looking at her. So, I used the old, reflection method, such as I used anything shiny like the screen of my smartphone or just something and place it on a right angle so that I could actually see whatever her facial expression is. I took out my smartphone and placed it carefully on my lap and wait for Mum's face to appear "magically" on my phone screen. But all I saw was Mum starring straight to the phone, with a grumpy face and she went all mad. She felt violated I guess.

"Trev! What are you doing? Looking at my reflection on your phone screen?" Mum was spot-on.

"Em, no! I wasn't looki-" Mum interrupted me.

"Trev, do you want me to throw your phone out of the window right now?" Her voice was so stiff.

"Wait what? I didn't do anything!"

"Trevor, I'm asking you again, do you want me to throw your phone out?" This time Mum was not looking at road, she was looking at me and the car was accelerating forward.


"So, you better keep your phone now!" Mum was still looking at me, and still not paying a single molecule of attention to the road.

I clutched my lips together and blew some air of exhaustion out. Feeling so pissed off for no reason, Mum. I looked at Mum, with the corners of my eye, because I was too scared to turn my neck and look at her. Suddenly I was shocked because Mum was not even looking at the road, she was adjusting her shoe and her right hand is the only thing that's on the steering wheel.

"Mum, stop adjusting your shoe and look at the road!" I told Mum.

"Give me a break, there won't even be a single car in-" She stopped. She started screaming.

"What the hell is-" I started screaming.

Our car was going on the wrong side of the road and there's a big fat truck that's heading straight towards our car. My adrenaline rushed and my left hand quickly grabbed the steering wheel and Mum's hand was still gripping the steering wheel and not even doing anything. I turned the wheel with all my adrenaline force and we managed to miss the big fat truck, in other terms , we are alive and not dead.

"See Mum, I've told you, you're always scolding me for no reason and not paying attention while you're driving and see you almost killed me and yourself!" I was angry at her.

"I'm sorry, I was just , em,  nevermind . " She gulped and adjusted her grip on the steering wheel while trying her best to focus.

I kept quiet because I don't want to distract her or she would cause a real accident. I leaned my body backwards and rested my head on the headrest. I closed my eyes trying to forget what happened today. First, I was dragged from school by the FBI and to the church then to the police station and got thrown into jail then my own mother tried to kill us. So yeah, it's a heck of a day. I was tired of everyone, I'm already suffering from so many shitty and useless problems and yet more problems are coming and yeah it's all my fault.

I was adjusting my legs when I heard someone calling my name.

"Trevor, wake up, we arrived at home already, come on"

I opened  my eyelids and Mum was still sitting beside me and adjusting her shoe. I was lazy and I stretched my legs and moved my body forward. The car is in the garage now and the engine is already off. I opened the door and took my backpack and headed inside. Mum was still inside the car. I walked inside and headed straight upstairs to my room. I swing opened my room door and threw my backpack on the floor and jumped on my bed. I was exhausted and sleeping in the car was a great idea because my neck hurts so much now. I didn't even bother to remove my sneakers or clean myself. I just reach for the remote and I switched on the air-con and I place my face on the softest pillow that I can find near me. Within seconds, I was already leaving the reality world to my fantasy world.

I woke up. My face felt all sticky and oily. My saliva was going to come out from my mouth but I swallowed it back in. Nothing is digusting about swallowing your saliva actually because one time, I was watching some doctor show shit on NBC when one of the doctors actually said that swallowing your saliva after waking up is actually good for your health because the saliva that it generated by your body when you're sleeping actually has some nutrients that can help you in some stuffs so yeah. I use all my energy that is left in my body to force myself to wake up. I sat on my bed and looked at my watch.


Those three digits popped on my watch screen. I forced myself to move my butt and go downstairs. I went downstairs and headed straight to the kitchen but I stopped at the hall. My whole family was starring at me like I just came back from juvy.

"What's wrong? Why is everyone looking at me? Why?" I sounded dramatic just like a retired broadway actor.

Dad stood up and walked straight into his room. Liz and Harry were in their shocked mode and I could clearly see Harry's uneven teeth because he was in a 'jaw-dropping' mode. Mum was silent. I walked to the kitchen and searched for something edible, something that can actually fill my roaring empty tummy. I opened the fridge and it was empty. I slamed the fridge door and the fridge vibrates a little. I opened the microwave and I saw a loaf of wholemeal bread. I don't like wholemeal bread at all because they are all 'healthy' and they don't even have taste. Why should people even buy bread that doesn't have any taste?

I took a few slices and headed to my, ignoring all the bullshit along the way such as Liz and Harry and Dad's starring. I shut the door and chew the slices of the empty bread. I swore as I chew because this is just depressing. Everyone is so cheesy and they don't even know what actually happened and they are mad at me because I was in jail like a few hours ago. I stopped chewing the tasteless bread as I remembered, why the cops are not after me? Why they didn't even bother about me? But I was their main suspect just now? What the hell is going on actually? My head was spinning around but I just paused and inhaled some oxygen before continuing to chew the remaining pieces of the tasteless bread.

It's already 9:15pm. I'm so tired and I still can't believe what just happened today. Everything seems so out of control. It's something like a suprise birthday party that was not suprising, it's like when you buy topless froyos. I felt bland and worthless. I removed all my clothes and dumped them into the laundry basket before taking a nice warm shower. Water helps to cure pain and the warm comforts you. After taking a quick shower, I wore some nice, loose and comfy clothes before reaching for my phone. I unlock my phone and a big fat message appeared on my screen.

"Software update for iOS 7.1 is available. Would you like to update to iOS 7.1?"

I just pressed NO because it's just another waste of memory of my phone. I checked my Whatsapp for messages but it was empty. I felt bored so I just threw my phone on my bed and I jumped on my bed feeling all happy because finally I can actually rest after a totally messed-up horrifying day. I placed my head and gave myself one final stretch before sleeping.

It was so noisy. The sound was so annoying and I felt like throwing my phone away. It's my alarm. I checked my phone and the time was 6:45. I snoozed it for another 15 minutes because I was super sleepy and tired. Then, again at 7:00, my alarm rang again. This time I need to surrender, I can't press the snooze button anymore if not I'll be late for school. I woke up feeling all grumpy like a potato and it was raining outside and my bed was so cozy. I walked towards the bathroom feeling all high and sober and at the same time I was stopping at every wall so that I can actually sleep for a few seconds more. Finally I reached my bathroom and I took a shower and I wore my jeans, my favourite Artic Monkeys t-shirt and hoodie before swinging my backpack on my shoulders. I adjusted my hair using my fingers and took my phone and headed downstairs. No one was eating yet because everyone is still busy getting ready. So, I went to the kitchen and took out the milk carton from the fridge and poured some into my mug. I drank it all up and I looked at the time. It was 7:50 a.m., school starts at 8:30 a.m. Suddenly Mum came out from her room and I was about to leave for school.

"Trev, you already ate your breakfast?" While adjusting her sleeves.

"Yeah, kinda, okay Mum I'm leaving now, bye" 

"Okay, take care honey." Mum replied.

I stopped in front of my door and the rain was just about to stop. I just continued to walk without bothering the rain. The roads today are not that busy because most of them are still tucked in their beds I guess. I arrived at my school and most of the students are already there. I entered my school compound and walked straight towards the school lobby. As I entered the lobby, everyone who was busy chatting and stuffs looked at me. They were shocked and the teachers were also there, looking at me. I walked to my locker when I heard a fimiliar voice called my name. I turned around and I saw Cassandra.

''Hey Cassandra!'' and I hugged her. She was in shocked but she hugged me back.

"Why is everyone looking at me?" I wisphered to her right ear.

Suddenly a loud voice replied me.

"Because you killed Nathan, stop acting freakshow!"

Cassandra gripped my arm.