Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 6.

I was pissed off, scared and I felt like every sweat pore on the surface on my body repulsed and that action drew me to shiverness and much more unexplained rumbling things. Now, I'm considered a criminal. From now on I'll be tracked, by everyone, the FBI, freaky agents and cops, everywhere I go. I gripped the sides of my chair as hard as I can, trying not to look guilty, because I am guilty and not to faint in front of them. After a seconds, my visions was back. It' real, I'm in a weird sound proof room in a police station and accused for killing my best friend. Everything is going well right, very well. I looked straight towards the the transparent glass that separates the room that I'm in and the FBI guy. My vision was so accurate till I felt like my pupils were touching his pupils, I was angry.

I had a feeling inside that the agent's pupils shrinked as I was giving a him the ultimate death stare of mine. Questions were popping in my head, questions that can't be answered by anyone else except me, I mean myself, me , Trevor Henry Crawford, I'm the only person on this magnificent planet that can actually answer all those useless crapload questions that are popping inside my very brain.

Like why I should killed my best friend, Nathan I mean, why must I kill him?, What did he do to me?, What did I do to him? Was my text just now is a secret bomb activator? But he died in a ranch house? There's no ranch house nowdays near my neighbourhood? Why I'm the main suspect and not his family or relatives? Why am I brought here from school? To be jailed? Punished? For the crime that I didn't even commit? For God sakes, again Nathan is my friend, why must he die? He committed a suicide? In a ranch house? If he committed a suicide, why am I accused as the murderer? Why is this happening? Why me?

All those questions, need answers. But not all of them can be answered. Suddenly my whole vision was gone in a split second due to a loud bang that came from the door. An agent was bringing in a large water bottle of ice water and he came near me and poured the ice water on to my head. I was angry, I tried not to attack him back, I tried to remain calm, but I just can't. I stood up and pushed the 6'3 strong and muscular FBI agent on to the floor. Being 5'8 and lean and not muscular , pushing someone like him is impossible. Soon he took out his gun, but I know it's actually a "calmer" gun, it has this kind of mini syringe where it is filled with some liquid that will penetrate and enter you body and it makes violent people calm. I kicked his gun from his hand and it landed about 5 metres to my left. I bend down and gripped my hand around his ankle and dragged him. He was screaming, practically screaming with his coarse and deep voice, while I was actually dragging him around the room like a maniac. Then, a few other agents came and burst into the room. Four of them came to me and pushed me down. One of the agents thick big fat boot was resting on my abdomen. Two of them took both of my hands and tied them up like I'm a shoplifter. And the agent that was resting his big gigantic boot on my abdomen remove his leg and pulled me up. 

"Hey kid, first you killed your best friend, now you wanna kill the FBI too? This is too much, get him into the cell!"  He was staring straight at my face. I refused to reply because I was still mad at the FBI agent for pouring water, ice water on me.

The two agents, each placed their left and right arm on my shoulders, they were grasping my hoodie and my neck was aching. I hushed a little, sweat was dripping down my hair to my face to the bottom of my neck. Then, I was dragged out from the room, straight towards a cell, located right next to the sound proof room.

"NO, I DON'T WANNA GO IN THERE! WHAT'S MY FAULT? I DIDN'T KILL NATHAN, HE'S MY BEST FRIEND, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!-" I was screaming, shrieking like a retarded baby that wants a toy from Toy R' Us.

"Shut it kiddo!" One of the agents replied.

Then, I gave up, I just gave up. They threw me into the cell and locked it. I was angry.

I woke up. My face was on a puddle, a dirty puddle of water. I was on the floor lying, helplessly. I opened my eyelids even wider this time and I saw the gate. I'm in a cell. I rolled to my left and I saw a plastic bottle, filled with water. I can't walk because I was tired and in pain. My hands were still tied up. I can't move much with my hands tied up because I can't balance, I'm not good in balancing. I slithered towards the bottle, hoping not to make a single sound.  I reached the bottle that was located a little left from the entrance of the cell. As I got there, my chin was already bleeding because I was relaying on my chin to slither because my hands were tied up and I can't stand with my hands tied up. 

I was gonna tilt the opened water bottle when suddenly I overheard something. 

"Here's $8000, this is for the boy, now I want the girl to be arrested too" 

I forced my tied up body to move closer towards the entrance of the cell, I can't see who was it but based on the shadow that was being reflected by the person, it looks like he is tall and he's rich because he was giving a thick object and an unrecognised hand received it. 

"Remember, this is a game, make sure that I don't lose"  The guy said. He laughed at little and he walked towards my cell. 

I pretended to be asleep, as he walked in front of my cell he stopped, he peeked in a laugh a little. I heard his footsteps walking away so I dared my self to open my eyes. All I see is a bald head and a red earring. 

His words were still ringing in my ear.

"Remember, this is a game"

"Now I want the girl to be arrested too"