Monday, May 05, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 5.

I took my backpack with my hands shaking like I'm lack of sugar. I pushed my Biology books and my pens into my backpack and zip it tightly before leaving the classroom. Everyone was pretty shocked. I walked towards the door and gave my last glance to Ms.Brainfright that was shocked as the others. I gave her a little nod before I was escorted by the FBI agents. As I walk along the school lobby, with 8 FBI agents surronding me, everyone was in shocked and speechless. But most of them were looking at me like I'm a drug smuggler. I saw Damian, he kept quiet but I know that he must be thinking that I'm being arrested for a crime. I was taken to straight to a Black SUV that was already waiting for me in front of the school. I went into the Black SUV and shut the door as fast as I could. I looked out the SUV and I saw about 12 police cars were escorting us. I just kept quiet as the SUV's engine began to sound like a thunder.

At that point, I was freaked out, scared, felt sorry for Nathan's family, felt so wrong, tired, and while just plain, still, damp, cold air were crawling into my nostrils. I squeezed both of my palms while giving it a little stretch. I embraced myself as I moved forward and placed my hands on the seat.

"Emm, excuse me? What happened and why am I involved?"   I asked, without even bothering about the another agent that was talking some shit on the phone.

"Nothing wrong boy, just another suicide attempt."   Replied the FBI agent that was driving the SUV. He wasn't that shocked at all. Maybe because he's used to this kind of cases already.

"What do you mean? Suicide? But Nathan doesn't have any problems,as far as I know, he's always happy as a lark"   I replied, trying my best to dig out some dirt from the FBI agent.

"Boy, listen to me, you're a guy right?"   He seem pissed this time.

"Yeah, it's obvious"    I replied, trying to sound as sarcastic as possible.

"Do you share your problems and feelings?"

"What? No! I don't!" I answered in a freaked out voice.

"Ah-ha, that's what your friend did boy, that's what your friend did."   He answered me, but this time it's from pissed off mood to sinister mood. Heck yeah this FBI agent is freaking me out.

I laid my body backwards and kept quiet, again. The FBI agent pressed a button on his steering wheel and a windsheild-like glass rises up and separates us apart. So now I can't hear a single crap of what they are yapping in front there. Then, my thoughts went crazy, about me, being thrown into jail for a crime that I didn't commit and shit. I rather have 5 hours of detention with that weird Ms.Brainfright everyday till I die rather then being in jail. My thoughts ended like a burned electric bulb when someone opened the car door and called my name. I crawled out of the SUV while dragging my backpack behind me.

"This can't be real."   I mouthed softly.

I was wrong. I was not going to jail. Instead I was standing in front of a very fimiliar place. It's Nathan's neighbourhood and that's the St. Joseph Church. That place was silent, maybe too silent. I saw some cars parked on the shoulders on the street. Then, I was escorted into the church. As I walked in, from a distance, I saw Nathan's coffin. It was surrounded by his parents, and close relatives. I walked into the church together with my "bodyguards" till I reached his coffin. I couldn't help it. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I can't help it, seeing one of my best friends in a coffin, that was just sad like hell. I wiped my tears when suddenly a lady came and hug me. It was Nathan's Mum. She was crying so bad and I was like awkward because I have never met his parents before, neither his relatives, so that was an awkward moment but I just stood there, blank, don't know what to say and my tongue was stiff like an icicle. Then, I was escorted out of the church back into the SUV. I was speechless because I don't know where the hell I'm going now. I can't even sit properly. I stretched my legs and I lay down. One of the FBI agents turned around and looked at me, but I was just blank like a plain paper, with no writings.

Tears were still rolling down my cheeks eventhough we are already far away from the church. His face, it was happy because he was smiling, eventhough he's dead already and that is one of the things that I can't forget. Then suddenly, the door opened again and this time, two cops, they were waiting for me to get out of the SUV. I came out of the SUV and I don't like what I see. It's a police station and it's a place where teens just like me, would never ever want to go. I braced myself eventhough I was sad and depressed into the police station. Then, I was forced to enter into a special sound proof room. The room looks fimiliar because it's like the same room where all the bad guys are investigated in CSI. But this is not a TV show, this is reality. I was told to take a seat in the room. I took a seat on the chair provided and in front of me, there were plates of cookies and cakes but I was in the mood for food. So I just remained there, I kept pinching my left arm to make sure that I'm not dreaming.

As I was busy pinching my left arm, a voice boomed into the room.

"Mr. Trevor Henry Crawford, you are our main suspect in the murder of Nathan Harris Dixon."

I froze.