Saturday, May 03, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 4.

Wait, hold on a second. That's a voice of a girl. I turned around slowly and as dramatically as I could. Then, she stood there, right behind me, while just pushing her brunette hair towards her ear and her eyes were already in place, straight towards my eyes as I looked at her.

"Hey, whats up!' Me. Trying to sound all exciting.

"Hey Trevor, so you look all sunny today!" replied Cassandra, with a small giggle.

"Yeah, I'm the same old not-enough sleep filled with problems douchebag eh" I replied while shoving my books into my backpack and shutting my locker and it ended with a loud bang.

"Wow, Trevor, cool down, haha, so what's your first period?"

"Biology" I replied. Trying to sound as tiring as possible.

"Hahaha, the subjects are getting harder nowdays, I'm tired too Trev, but we are just kids, what can we do?"

"You wanna know something, if I have to choose between fishing and studying, I rather wait for a million years near a stupid lake inside the deep forest rather than coming to school. All my parents, I mean everyone in my family is pretty weird, they just love to compare me with my other neighbours and shit and when I get good results, they still tell everyone that I'm a lazy person and I don't even study and stuffs and the good grades thatI get is just some 'luck'." I replied while slipping my right hand into my jeans pocket.

"Yup, but my family, they don't compare me much with my neighbours or siblings. They just accept me as who I am, because if everyone is this world is super smart, who's gonna be the leader, everyone's smart haha" She replied, still sticking that little giggle at the end of her speech.

"Your parents don't even care about your grades because you're pretty and all talented and-" She cut my line.

"Hey, pretty? haha not very, but talented? Like excuse me? I only know how to play the guitar, nothing else."

"Say whatever you want Cas, but I know you're-" I got interupted again. But this time it's the school bell.

"Okay, bye Trev seeyaa after the 4th period" Cassandra walked towards the right. While I turned to the left.

I walked till I reached the end of the corridor took a right turn and went upstairs and I rushed towards my Biology lab. I saw a few of my 'friends' are already in there. As I walked in I heard one of the guys there said "Hey, that's the freak that I told you guys last week, he's the one that fell into the drain" and suddenly the whole group were laughing their butts off. I just pretend that I didn't heard their conversation. I took out my phone and texted Nathan.

Where are you? I'm here all alone @Biology . I texted him.

After 10 minutes, there was still no reply. I gave up waiting for his stupid text and opened my Gallery. Then suddenly, I heard footsteps. I can feel her presence, it's like a mixture of smelly tuna and gym socks, she's weird. I put my phone into my pocket as fast as I can, and the others that were talking trash about me quickly sat down too. She arrived with her high heels clinking loudly.

"Is everyone here already?" Her coarse voice boomed.

No one answered. But I was tired of everything so I just answered her.


"Take a seat." She told us. Then, she placed her beige handbag onto one of the chairs and walked into the fume chamber.

That's Ms.Brainfright. She is 62 and she's not married and she is weird. Last year, she forced a boy that entered her class late to eat a raw goldfish. She also took some of her students hair and feed them to her pet toads. She is so weird till practically everyone in school including teachers and the principal himself is afraid of her. A few years ago, a boy created a rumour that Ms.Brainfright killed her husband and store his dead body inside her fridge. Then, the whole school was in shocked till the police came and shit happened. Then, after investigations they found that it's a fake rumour and once the police left, she shoved the boy's head into a bowl of cat pee. The boy moved to Italy after that horrifying incident. So, yeah that's how crazy Ms.Brainfright is.

Suddenly she came out from the fume chamber carrying two beakers filled with termites and placed them in front.

"Okay, we shall start without them, textbook page 265, Chapter 5 Crawling Creatures."

Suddenly a few men wearing vest with a label FBI knocked the door.

"Yes, any problem?" Ms.Brainfright lowered her glasses.

"Is Trevor Henry Crawford here?"

"Yes, there he is, why is anything wrong?" Ms.Brainfright pointed me.

"Yes, do you know Nathan Harris Dixon?" One of the FBI agents asked Ms.Brainfright.

"Yes, he's is my student" 

"He is my friend" I interupted them.

"Yes, we found his dead body at a ranch house at 5am just now"

Everyone was shocked.

My heart stopped beating for a sec.

"Wtf-" I mouthed.