Friday, April 25, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 3

I was angry but it's my uncle and if I don't respect him, my younger brother and sister will just follow my dirty footsteps. So, instead of being angry for no reason, I went straight to the fridge. I opened the freezer and took out a tupperware of ice cream. "Chocolate and White Chocolate, a great combination." I read the sentence written on the cover of the ice cream tupperware. I snatch a silver spoon and crack open the tupperware and dug out some ice cream and putting them into a mug. I realized my scooping was becoming violent, in other terms, rough, harsh. Wait that doesn't make any sense. After my mug was loaded with duo flavored ice cream and closed the tupperware and jammed it into the freezer. I took out some marshmallows and chocolate syrup and loaded them up into my mug. Now, it's all complete. I should now take my "medicine' for my "illness" and go upstairs. I placed my mug on to the table and threw away my empty can of lemonade. Then, I sat down on my bed, reaching out for my mug while thinking about how much fun I'll miss at Nathan's party and how boring the harvest festival will be. I couldn't be bothered anymore. I continued eating my ice cream while enjoying the view of my neighbourhood from my bedroom window.

I saw some of my neighbours relaxing, strolling, playing with their pets and everything. I caught a glimpse of Mr. Harvey, the 60 year old guy that doesn't even care about the world. All he cares is his garden. All the plants in his garden, healthy, green, protected. He has about 30 garden gnomes and everyone in the neighbourhood hates him because he hates children. When I was a kid, I used to throw bricks at his gnomes during the afternoon when he's asleep, then he'll be all mad because his gnomes are destroyed and stuffs. But know, since I'm already 16, he doesn't care about me much. My childhood was great.I was one happy child. I don't have problems or anything. All I know is everything I do was fun and entertaining and whenever I made mistakes, people correct me, they don't yell at me or hit me in the face. Suddenly, I realized that I was not even eating my ice cream, I was just looking straight into the maple tree near my window. I smiled, alone. Thinking back how my life was in the past. Life now is hard. More problems and people don't understand you. School, for me, based on my preference, is a place to gain knowledge, make new friends and a place to enjoy. But it's not like that. In my dictionary, school is a place where you will receive negative stuffs from other people, a cave where you can't escape unless you finish your homework. It's not even fair. The honk sound that came from outside made me realize that I was actually staring at the maple tree again and I know that Dad's already back with my two younger siblings. I went downstairs together with my mug and opened the door. Dad just off the engine while Liz and Harry were getting out of the car.

"Hey Trevor's back early today!" Liz was a her peak point of excitement.

"Hey Trevor, I won the spelling bee competition!" Harry was walking towards me with a big, shiny trophy.

"Yeay! Cmon, let's go inside" I was pretending to be happy for them.

"Hey, Trevor, where are you going?" Dad's coarse voice made the three of us paused for a second.

"Inside, why" I said that while Liz was smiling weirdly beside me and it was getting awkward.

"Here, come and take this, I bought it for you since mum told me you were all cranked up this just now" Dad was holding a bag. I walked towards him and took the bag from him. It was my all-time favourite sneaker, of course it's a red converse.

"Gee, thanks Dad!" I thanked Dad.

Dad is a nice person. He's not like Mum. He's cool, always the relax one, not hot headed and certainly kind and loving. So, Liz and Harry went inside with me. I took my brand new shoe and headed to my room. I put it there and I came back to the hall, where Mum, Dad, Liz and Harry was. Liz dragged me to the kitchen to find something to eat while Harry was telling Mum and Dad about the spelling bee. So, indeed I have a perfect family but still no one will ever know what I'm actually feeling right now.


It's already 7:20 a.m. School starts at 8:15 a.m. I was wearing my old sneakers although I already have a new one because it's still in good condition. I took my phone and backpack and adjusted my hoodie while looking at my reflection on the sliding door.

"Mum, Dad! I'm off to school!" I shouted.

"Okay! Take care" Both of them replied.

I walked along the streets. It's a nice Wednesday morning. The traffic was moderate, everything's cooling. The sun rays were just starting to penetrate through the misty clouds and finally touch the earth. I saw the newspaper boy, in an orange bike, tossing papers to everyone's house. Some neighbours were walking their dogs and some of them were sipping hot coffee near a coffee stall near the newspaper vendor. I just ignore everything and I talked to myself.

"Today is gonna be a great day."

After a few minutes, I was already arriving in front of my school.

"West Gaston High : For the leaders of the future"

Seeing my school's signboard. All stylish and elegant makes me feel like I'm at the wrong place. But I know that I'm not at the wrong place. I walked into my school compound and headed straight to the hallway to my locker. I bang my locker a few times because I was too lazy to punch in my combination.

"So, what's with all that punching" A voice called.