Thursday, April 24, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 2

I placed my plate on the couch and walked towards to door.

"Trevor! Where are you? Trevor!!"  Mum was screaming for no particular reason outside.

"I'm coming! Just wait a sec okay.."  I was walking faster.

"It's already more than a sec!"  Mum replied.

I pulled the door with a great force, even the still air felt like a tornado as it hits my face.

"Yeah, why, what's wrong?" 

"Trevor, I've been waiting here for 10 seconds while you were inside talking with someone on the phone!"

"I was not talking with anyone, it's just the TV."  I tried to maintain my voice tone so that I don't sound harsh.

"What do you mean you weren't talking on the phone, I heard voices!"

"Mum! I just came back from school and you're not even in the house and you are already yelling at me for stuffs that I didn't even do!"   My voice was not loud, it was just moderate, like in a scale of 1 to 10, it's on 6.

"I don't care about what was going on inside-"  Mum stopped yelling. She looked at me while I was just walking away from her.

"Trevor! Don't just walk away, who wants to carry all the things then."

I just turned on my silent mode and walked towards the door back. Mum was holding all the things that she bought at the grocery store nearby. I took several stuffs without looking at her. This is one of my thing, that I do when someone irritates me for no reason. I took all the stuffs and placed it at the kitchen and went back to get more. After dumping everything at the kitchen, I walked back to the hall, and took my plate. My mac & cheese doesn't look like mac & cheese at all. It's already cold and the cheese is already turning into solid form. I didn't even bother to heat it back because I'm too pissed off. I shove the cold, solidified mac & cheese into my mouth and chew it without even noticing that CSI has already ended. I took a couple more spoonfulls of it and switch off the TV. I went to the kitchen to wash my plate when I saw Mum, looking at me, with a sinister smile. It's not a scary smile, it's just an uneven smile, the "I'm just messing with you" smile. I just kept my blur face on and headed to the sink and wash my plate before fetching a can of lemonade.

"Trevor! Can you help me?" Mum called me. I stopped walking and turned around while popping the can of lemonade.

"With what now?" I just made my voice tone sound letargic.

"With your attitude, and behaviour, it's not nice being rude you know" She said that to me. SHE SAID THAT TO ME.

I didn't even bother to reply and continue the conversation because at the end of the conversation, I'll be the victim of her words. So, to play it safe, I took a sip of the lemonade and just gave a little knod to show her that I respect and I understand what she was trying to say.

"Okay, that's all, I'm gonna unpack the groceries and clean the kitchen" 

I turned around and went upstairs to my room. The condition of my room was, of course messy. The washed clothes are on my bed, all snuggled up with my MacBook and some novels. I took the washed clothes and stuffed it into my cupboard. I didn't even bother to fold it and hang it or something. I took my novels and placed them on my table. My reading table. I don't even use the reading table. It's just like a fancy decorative "item" where all my unwanted junk lives a happily-ever-after life. I jumped on my bed like an olympics sportman. I took my favourite pillow and placed my MacBook on it. I pressed the power button and the machine starts with a techno-sound. While waiting, I took my can of lemonade and drank it all up and placed it on the floor. I logged on Twitter and scrolled the main page.

"Nothing interesting" I talked to myself.

I gave up. I closed the laptop without even bothering to shut it down. I searched for my phone. Then, I remembered. It's downstairs. I got out of bed, moaning like a lazy lion and went downstairs. I went to the hall and I saw my phone on the couch. Mum was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she is outside, cleaning the porch or something. As I reach out for my phone, I heard a voice calling my name. It's Mum. I followed the direction of the invisible sound waves till I reached her.

"Oh, yeah Trevor, this Friday Uncle Richard is celebrating his 64th birthday at the Harvest Festival, downtown. So, don't you mind following us" Mum said while placing both her hands on the mop.

"I can't, I already have plans with Nathan, and the rest, and what do you mean by us?" I replied, quite confused.

"What, Trevor, it's Uncle Richard, we must go! What is so important about the silly plan with Nathan!"

"Erm, Nathan's parents are having party for us, I mean for his friends. So, I need to go there. Uncle Richard doesn't even know how old I am." I replied with a sarcastic tone.

"It's not nice, Uncle Richard is a very good person"

"Yeah, that explains why he's doing his birthday at some ridiculous farm!"

"Trevor!, He loves animals, you know that right!" Mum's voice was rising like the sun in the morning.

"Fine! I'll go to his "fancy" birthday party!, I hope I don't get killed by a cow" I was techinically making it sound more awful and lame.

Mum walked away. But I know instead, she will be as happy as a seal because I can't go to Nathan's party.
I texted Nathan about me not going to his party and he's okay with it. So, now I need to go to some weird-old-farmy birthday party and eat truffles rather than a cool-awesome-party with fast food.