Thursday, April 24, 2014

Limits. : Chapter 1

"cause there will be a day, where everyone understands you."

The sentence was true. The in fact the pages were true. The whole book was true. I held my breath for like 2 seconds and stretched my legs forward before bringing them back to their original position. I exhaled and continued breathing, normally. I shut the book and gave my last look upon it. I bet the author was just having the same old problem. I was just tired of everything. The smell of the books around me was seeping into my nostrils. I love the smell of books, especially new ones. I took the book and place it on the trolley provided. Then, I threw my calculator and my math homework into my backpack. I slung the backpack on my shoulder and yank out my phone out of my right pocket. I checked the time, its 2:30 in the afternoon. I walked out from the edge of my school library, passing through the racks of books till I arrived at the front door. I looked at the librarian, and she looked at me. I just gave a fake smile then walked out of the library. So, life's gonna be the same. Me, coming to school, going home, face all the bullshit that awaits me there, and come to school the next morning and acts like I'm having a care-free life and it goes on. The rain just stopped, so the weather was just still, it's like the middle of hot and cold, but it's not warm. I continued walking without bothering about what's happening around me. I was just kicking the leaves till I reached the school gate. Then, I turned left and continued walking. There were cars and bikes on the street. It was not a busy day. Everything was just fine, moderate is the exact word to explain everything. Seeing typical citizens, rushing everywhere with their vehicles makes me sick. It's not even worth it.

I continued walking till I realized that I already pass my shortcut. The shortcut behind the workshop saves up my time about 20 minutes. I took the shortcut and arrived in front of my neighbourhood about 5 minutes later. Since, today is Tuesday and most of the people in my neighbourhood is working so it's kinda dull. So, I just continued walking till I reached home. I gave a light push to my gate and it invites me in. I opened the door and zip down my hoodie and threw it on the couch. I went straight  to the kitchen and I opened the fridge. The icy cold fog from the fridge hits me then disappears into thin air. I took out some leftovers from last night and preheated them and while waiting, I sip some apple juice. I took my food and juice and headed to the living room. I switch on the TV and browse the channels while shoving my meal into my mouth. They were showing CSI, so I just place the remote down and continue watching CSI. My life everyday is practically like this, it gets worse when my sister and brother comes home. My phone vibrates. I placed down my food on to the coffee table right beside me and took my phone out while munching my food and swallowing it as fast as I can. It show's Nathan calling. I answered.

Hey Trevor, are you free this Friday?

Yeah, kinda, why?

I wanna invite you to my party, this Friday at my house.

Okay, what time? 

Around 8.

Okay, I'll be there.

Thanks! Hey tell to your parents my mum and dad are organising it not me okay.

Okay, sure, thanks dude.

No prob.

I ended the call. So, since I have plans this Friday, at least I can have some time away from my siblings. I placed my phone on the couch and continued my meal and my CSI. Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door.

"It's me, Mum" A voice answered.

"Owh God" I mouthed, silently.