Tuesday, October 14, 2014


So, what the hell happened the other day? Like during the Kubang Pasu District Level Drama Competition? Okay before I'm gonna blurt everything about it, so yeah guess what number we got? Nah, I'll tell you later, so now I'm gonna tell you how was the day of the competition.

"This is the part when I break free cause' I can't resist it no more."

The night before the competition, 5th August 2014, was like the most craziest night ever. Like all of us were like super nervous and we were hoping so much that we could win just like we won in 2011. With multiple goodlucks coming through Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat and teachers, almost everyone we know at school were wishing us goodluck and some even said that we would nail it, like super easy because we have experience going to the states level. So, like we were so tired that night since for the whole day we have been practicing and we went to Coconut Island and even test the sound effects and acting on their stage. Talking about nervousness, yeah try imagining, like 5 other schools were practically gluing their eyeballs on us, like we are our weak spots and stuffs but sorry guys, we totally lied the way we acted on stage, we were purposely messing things up so that our performance on the real competition day will be something like a suprise for them. So after practicing at Coconut Island, we headed back to our school and of course, me, viper, dan, afiq and thancanor, we went there and came back with sir marphy's car, while jamming to ariana grande's song, Problem, like who doesn't like ariana grande.Then the others they went back with Teacher Shafiza and they went for some last minute shopping for props and stuffs. So, after they came back, we practiced a few more times till 4pm, then we decided to stop and just relax because we were too tired practicing. Then, viper decided to jam some instrumental with a guitar and we were singing our own songs like 'I love you Mommy', 'Get Out Of My Lawn' and more. It was so awesome because I recorded like every song we sang together and played it through the speakers so it turned out to be like a miniature Taylor Swift acoustic concert. Like after that we wished each other goodluck and we got back home.

The day of the competition, 6th August 2014, I woke up thinking to myself, today is the day that we have been waiting for like for 2 freakin years, since 2012. I wore my costume at home and I was so scared that anything might happen there, so I brought my speakers, my usb, memory cards and wires and everything, like for example if our laptop can't connect to Coconut Island's speakers, than we can use my phone and my speakers to play our sound effects and songs. I called shahira and told her to bring the trophy that we won in our previous drama competition because we need it as our props and it's also something like a goodluck charm for our team. So I took everything and I went to school and of course the pak guard was looking at me like I'm some outsider, because I was wearing my costume. I walked straight to the dewan and the others were like dresssing up and stuffs, so we were like all nervous at that time and we brought all our props to gate A and waited there for our bus to arrive. About 25 supporters showed up and we all boarded the bus and it was starting to rain. In the bus we were singing and we were like so happy at some point because we are finally going to compete. After a extremely shaky ride, we arrived at Coconut Island. The worst thing ever is our bus didn't enter the Coconut Island's school compound and that leaves us to actually grab all our props and yeah, we were wet. But that was a not a problem for us since there's like a lot of fans installed inside the hall. So we checked in and brought all of props into the hall and other schools were already there and of course they were looking at us; again. Then all of a sudden haifaa called out asking where is the extension wire and tragedy strikes, we left it in the bonnet of the freakin bus. Like without the extension, there's no way we can plug in our disco light and without the disco lights, it's gonna be a disaster.

I asked nasuha for her extension, good thing I told her to bring one if there's an emergency and yeah, this is indeed one big ass emergency. But then we glance to each other, like is this extension cukup panjang for us to actually drag it from the side of the stage to the middle? So, me, mel, shahira and thancanor decided to go and talk with coordinator of the competition. We told her that our bus left before we could take our extension and we only have a short extension now and we don't even know like if it's enough long for us to actually drag it from the side of the stage. She panicked and she was like asking the technical people on the stage for a longer extension wire and at last she found a power supply which is right below the stage and our extension is like working perfectly fine because the power supply is like attached to the stage. So we were so happy and she was happy for us because we finally found a solution for our problem. Then, we asked the stage people like can we test our sound system like one last time because we had problems trying it the day before and they let us. We tried playing a few songs and it worked, so we were like so satisfied and we thanked the coordinator for helping us out. Then, we got back to our team and we placed our props and stuff at the back of the hall, where we have been provided like an area where we can put all our props, so we placed it there and took our breakfast, it was fried bihun and no one ate it because we had like bad past regarding food during competitions, like every time if we eat before or after we perform, we will lose. It's something close to a superstitious believe but the shit thing is, it's damn hell true.

After we took our breakfast, we went to our respective seats where our school's name was labelled. I felt happy at that time because I was remembering how happy Sir Shaufiq, Miss Nisrin, and Teacher Norihah would be if they know that we are back in the game. We sat there anxiously while chatting with the Coconut Island team since they were sitting in front of us. Then, all the other teams from other schools were taking their seats as the competition was about to start. The host welcomed the judges and I was like petrified for a sec because I know 3 out of the 5 judges. The competition started with the first team, which is from Hosba and their drama was nice. We were like singing to all the songs, especially 'Fancy'. After their performance, the second team, I forgot what school it was but at that time, we were already nervous as a pregnant horse. Our drama teacher, Teacher Shafiza was telling us to calm down and we are gonna be fine, we can do this. At that time, I turned to mel and I told her

"It's been like two years mel, all those hard work that we have gone through will finally be judged, I really hope that we can win this."

 "Jayshan, I always think that faith won't let me enter drama, but now I'm here, sitting with you guys, this is the day that we have been waiting for the past 2 years, I just can't express my feelings how happy I am to be here."

Then time was moving extremely fast till it was break time. That only means one thing, we are the next team that's gonna perform. During break time, we were like practically checking our props and making sure that we don't leave anything behind. Then, break time was over. All the judges are back and the crowd of people was like bigger. The host was starting to announce our team and Teacher Shafiza was saying to us our final goodluck. We were waiting outside the hall now, we need to enter through the side of the hall and we were like nervous as hell. Then the speech ended and we heard the applause, and that means we need to walk on to stage and start performing like right now. I walked on the stage and I told to myself, we are gonna make history. The preparation of our props was fast. I took the extension and fixed it with a little help from the time keepers since the power source is like off stage and we can't get down from the stage. Everyone was so fast and our teamwork was flawless. Then, in under 3 minutes we managed to settle all the props and our positions, we froze and I saw the time keeper press the stopwatch indicating that we are starting.

Our narrator, afiqah chek, walked confidently and narrated. Then scene 1 began. I was looking at the crowd's reaction every time we made our joke and the teachers from Coconut Island was laughing and the host was laughing and some people were laughing but surely the other people in that hall was like completely silent. I was like pissed at some point with the other teams from other schools sitting at the audience, like why do you have to be rude and not even laugh at our jokes or clap for us. We were like clapping for you guys but when it's our turn, no one gives a damn about it, like why do people hate us, we didn't even do anything to you guys. Thank God we brought supporters and I must say, they did a pretty good job as they were clapping for us and that made the dead audience come to life. Then, we did scene 2 and that's when the crowd was like shocked because our voices was like super loud, scene 3 was awesome because we played the chorus of Iggy Azalea's Fancy when mel and viper made the entrance and it was so cool. Then, scene 4 went well and scene 5 was like my favourite scene because there's like performances where mel is Cher Llyod and viper is Demi Lovato and they sang Really Don't Care. Then, it's our turn to perform, this is so embarassing, I need to fake play a guitar, afiq played drums and fizah played the keyboard and jihah became our Ariana Grande as she sang Break Free and the audience was like clapping at that point and we were like so happy plus the lighting and the bubbles that added a touch virtual 3D effect and we performed Break Free live before Ariana so yeah we are cool like dat. Then after all the scenes ended, thancanor played the song Somebody To You by The Vamps and we all hold hands and gave our final bow to the audience and everyone was clapping, then we said this after bowing

"We don't find ourselves, We create ourselves."

Then everyone went backstage and jihah and afiqah chek were the only ones left on stage and then they said these final lines,

"It's Over?"

"Yeah, it's OVER."

and yet no one knew that it was our final goodbye.

Then we heard the host was introducing the next team, so we had to grab all our props and get the hell of that stage. We managed to take all our props, we didn't even leave a single molecule of it on that stage. After that we exited the stage and out of the hall. We were happy and tired at that point because we took all of our props like super fast then we were like satisfied with our performance, very satisfied. We took all our props and walked back into the hall and placed our props at the space provided and Teacher Shafiza came to us and she said we were good and we didn't exceed the time given and our props was fast. Then she said there's chicken rice for all of us but none of us dared to even touch it because remember the whole superstitious thing about not eating after performing? Haha, so we sat down at our seats and we were only drinking water and watching back our performance on shahira's iPad since we asked one of our supporters to record it. We were satisfied with our performance because we only made minor mistakes and we were fast, the teamwork among us was epic and we didn't even eat rice yet. Then suddenly mel was sad because her Galaxy Grand 2 lost and we were finding it and stuffs but no one knows where it went. And the bummer is, she bought it like the night of the competition and she hasn't even downloaded a single app on it and I hope that asshole who took it will pay the price one day. So, then all the performances were over and now we just have to wait for the results. Then it's break time again but we didn't go anywhere because we were nervous and scared that we might lost because danial told me like he's scared that our drama might get overshadowed by the fairytale theme dramas.

We sat silently while thinking about what place we are gonna get, like 3? 2? 1? or none? Then the second break time is over and the results will be out in matters of secs. The judges came in back into the hall and the head judge gave a speech about how talented and how intense the competition was and she even said that to her, all of us are winners. Then, the host took the microphone and his fist was wrapping it tightly as the results are gonna be out. He invited the judge and some other important people from the PPD to go on stage to give the prizes, The moment of truth will be revealed now, like this very second. The host's eyes were looking onto the results and he said

'Ladies and gentlemen, we will start with the participation certificate receivers (in other words it's saguhati) and please welcome, team 5!'

My heart literally stopped beating and crushed like into a zillion pieces and I lost my breath and I was like petrified. We got saguhati? Like am I dreaming or something, like this can't be happening for real, this isn't real. I regain my conciousness when I heard

'Team 5, please go on stage to receive your certificates."

I didn't even hear a single applause coming from anyone. Everyone was looking at us, more like starring at me because I stood up and Teacher Shafiza was like "Jayshan, it's okay, go now." and I adjusted my loose steps and went onto that stage, I refused to look at the audience because no one was clapping and the PPD officer looked at me and he said congrats and he shook my sweaty hands. said thank you then I was about to walk off when he held my left shoulder and asked "What you're from?" and I replied "SMJ" and he was like shocked. I walked down the heavy steps down the stage and embraced the whole audience by keeping my shit together so that I don't actually make a scene by screaming or something. Then, when I reach my seat, my whole team was like silent and viper asked me "WHAT THE HELL, WE GOT LAST?" and of course at that time I was like stunned and I answered "No, this is just the participation certificate." and inside my 185 cm gigantic body, I know we lost, I was about to tell the truth but I lied, I hate myself.

 Then they announced the winners and the whole thing ended. My whole team was sad. Like for sure, if you wrote your own script, practiced for TWO YEARS, worked our butts off and finally get the opportunity to compete in the districts after 2 years of failed attempts and now, everything is gone, forever. We took our loose knees and headed out of the hall. We took all our props and boarded our bus without even looking at the other teams. No one was freakin out-yet. We boarded the bus and we ate our fried bihun in the bus while swearing. Then, we arrived at our school and I told everyone to gather at the hall and we all sat there. Teacher Shafiza was sad, because we did everything perfectly but we didn't even win top three or anything. We all ate our chicken rice while complaining about everything. Then, Teacher Shafiza told us to go home to get some rest and be proud of ourselves. She went home after that, then mel went home because she was sad because her phone lost and we didn't win. Then, danial went back and it continued with jihah and viper. Then it was just me, afiq, haifaa, shahira, afiqah, syamin, nasuha and thancanor. We had a chill out party on stage and we plugged the disco lights and we played songs through the speakers and dance and sing all crazy and acting all wild. Then, we made our 'I-G-G-Y' video and of course it was cool, because we did it ,like it's so obvious haha. Then after that everyone said goodbye and we went home.

I arrived at home and I was so sad and I didn't even eat or sleep. I was like pissed at some point. Then, people were asking like what number did we get and everything and all I could say is we didn't win because we didn't know what number we got. Most of the people were like you guys lost, you people must be kidding because you guys were so good and stuffs. Then, all of our friends and a few teachers and even our principal congratulated us eventhough we didn't win and they said there's always next year but since next year is SPM and stuffs , so maybe this is our final year in drama , maybe we will be entering drama next year, it depends, all we can do is hope. Then we got some good news the next day, viper called me and told me that we got 4th place, it's confirmed that we got 4th place but still it sucks.

I'm glad to actually have people like my drama team because they are so weird, noisy, cool, smart, sweet, sarcastic, swears a lot ( not kidding on this one) , creative, and super awesome. Like, I'm so happy to be a part of this drama team with you guys. Thanks you guys for all the weird stuffs that you guys have done for me and for the whole team. I hope that our friendship will last forever even if we are old and filled with white hair folicles. This whole drama, Taking A Chance indeed gave us an enormous impact that can't be reversed by anyone. We made history by shinning drama love to everyone, creating an emission of extreme happiness and of course, we left an unintended spark on that very stage, we will be remembered as the bunch of weirdos that made something special. And special thanks to Teacher Shafiza, Miss Nisrin, Sir Shaufiq, Teacher Norihah and Sir Redza for destroying us and poisoning us with love towards theater and musical and finally hugs and special thanks to the Taking A Chance Drama Team =  Danial, Afiq, Shahira, Najihah, Mellisa Suraya, Viphawanee, Afiqah Chek, Fizah, Nasuha, Syamin, Haifaa, Titie, Nabyhah, and Thancanor for making this into an unforgettable masterpiece.

Top starting from the left : Nabyhah, Nasuha, Shahira and Titie
Second row from the left : Danial , Haifaa (Panah) , Najihah, Afiq and Me
Bottom row from the left : Viper, Mel, Syamin, Afiqah Chek, and Fizah

 "Sometimes in life all we need to do is ditch the haters, sprinkle a little hope, put our hearts up, boost our confidence, take a chance, make a change and make it shine."

and just like what jihah and afiqah said on stage,

"It's over?"

"Yeah, it's over."